7 Reasons for Farming Your Crypto Assets on the DAO1 Platform

4 min readJun 12, 2021


In the traditional financial world, when you deposit funds to your bank account, the bank will use it to lend the money for a profit to somebody else, earning as a result a hefty interest. The bank will pay you just a small interest, if any or even charge you a negative interest and commissions for storing your money. The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) allows you to behave like a bank, lending your crypto assets through smart contracts, and collect most of the rewards for this minus the platform’s fees also called farming or yield farming. While in the traditional financial world, the collaterals for this type of operations are not liquid, in the DeFi world, the collaterals for lending are liquid, are redeemed automatically based on the smart contracts and they cover the loan plus a percentage on top. In theory, this works flawlessly in the DeFi and without human intervention, in practice are important the solidity and security of the platform where these are performed.

1. Earn Passive Income in DAO1 Tokens Through Yield Farming on the DAO1 Platform

Yield farming is a feature that allows market participants to lend their crypto assets to other market participants. To compare it with traditional banking, when you deposit fiat in a bank you’re effectively making a loan for which you get interest in return. Yield farming involves lending cryptocurrency and in return you get rewards like interest in DAO1 tokens and in some instances other fees.

The process involves lending your funds to borrowers using smart contracts and through this, you earn fees on funds loaned out in cryptocurrency. In the DAO1 ecosystem, the rewards will be offered in its native DAO1 tokens.

Yield farming allows market participants to earn returns based on liquidity providers (LP) and the trading pair will predominantly be DAO1/USDT.

2. Earn Industry’s Top Farming Rewards and APR in a Transparent Way With DAO1

DAO1 aims to offer the industry’s top farming rewards and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) which are transparent and updated regularly. The rewards are maximized through the optimization of the processes in DAO1, and are backed by real life decentralized lending operations.

3. Earn Attractive Rewards as a Liquidity Provider on DAO1

Liquidity providers (LPs) who provide liquidity for DAO1 trading pairs on DEXs are essential for the mechanics of the platform and they will be entitled to receive attractive rewards.

Apart from just holding cryptocurrencies, community members can leverage them and earn passive income by lending their assets to other traders using DAO1 secure infrastructure.

The liquidity providers have access to a share of the fees generated in the liquidity pools without giving up the control over your funds.

4. Withdraw Anytime Both Farming Rewards and the Principal Funds on DAO1

Transactions on the DAO1 platform are performed through non-custodial wallets. Both the farming rewards and the principal funds can be withdrawn at any time by the liquidity provider without any restrictions.

Moreover, LPs can deposit their reward tokens in the liquidity pools to earn more interest. This is a supplementary option for community members who want to earn higher yields by using arbitrage and interchange funds through different protocols depending on the opportunities available.

The rewards are directly proportional to your contribution to the liquidity pools. Therefore, higher capital investment by the user will translate to higher remuneration. It is important to note that as more community members enter the liquidity pool, the proportionate share of return for every participant in the pool declines.

5. Benefit From Enhanced Usability and Security of the DAO1 Platform

The biggest problems of the platforms having DeFi features are lack of usability for non technical users and security flaws. DAO1 aims for global mass-market adoption so the platform is designed with the average user in mind to be very intuitive and easy to use.

More than that DAO1 works with top organizations like Blockchain Consilium to have the smart contracts audited, and also works tirelessly to ensure proper security in place all the time to protect the users, and their funds.

6. Education Provided for Better Financial Decisions

With so much information available over the internet on the crypto and DeFi space, it is hard to distinguish between the real and the fake one. That’s why DAO1 aims to educate the user community (called DAO1 Captains) to navigate the turbulent waters of decentralized finance in order to reach their financial goals through yield farming.

7. DAO1 Translates Technology for the Average User

In the world of DeFi it is very easy to become overwhelmed with so much technical information, that’s why DAO1 translates this into notions, and information which is easy to understand and accessible for the regular user. Also DAO1 maintains a vibrant community of users so it is easy to find an accountability partner and to get answers to your questions from people just like you. In the community there are also available 24 hours a day DAO1 admins and moderators ready to answer your questions, and help you along the way.

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