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2 min readOct 26, 2021


Hello Captains,
We hope you are enjoying trading, today we bring you a great update on the operation of the platform with some good news:

This is a Follow-up on our previous Article :
Which Explains why BSC!!!

DAO1 Listing at PancakeSwap

Our contract is now created on PancakeSwap so an official listing on Pancakeswap is not far. This opens the door to other markets and makes it much easier for traders on the Binance network to use the advanced features of our platform. DAO1 users can use all the features of Pancakeswap

Our BSC Smart contract is :


IMPORTANT: make sure you double-check before buying, as with every project, there may be fake ones.

DAO1 Staking

Now it is possible to stake and compound more DAO1 on BSC network. No more hassle of high Ethereum transaction fees and this increases the bigger scope overall.

For High APY Staking with DAO1 Please visit

For Guide on how to Stake:

What More?

We are even more closer to our Hybrid Advisory Launch which is scheduled to be completed in this quarter which will give us more value and broaden our scope.

For the Roadmap for this quarter please visit:

DAO1 Team

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