Guide: How to Farm DAO1 Tokens

4 min readJun 15, 2021


What you will need:

MetaMask Wallet on your Smartphone or Laptop.


Either DAI, DAO1 and USDT, or YFDAI and WETH. A little ether (ETH) for transaction fees as well.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Connect Wallet

The DAO1 Farming Interface will then show up.

This guide will go through how farming works on ETH Mainnet.

It works exactly the same on Matic. Initially we will be offering 2 pools on Matic:

  1. DAO1-USDT (30days locked)
  2. DAO1-USDT (60 days locked)

On Ethereum, there are the following pools initially offered:

  1. DAO1-USDT (30 days lock) (Safeswap)
  2. DAO1-USDT (30 days lock)(Uniswap)
  3. YFDAI-WETH (60 days lock) (Uniswap)
  4. DAI alone (120 days lock) (DAI Vault)

In this example, the DAO1-USDT Uniswap LP has been chosen.

To farm, click on the right side of the title of the farm.

That link will redirect to Uniswap, where you can deposit USDT and DAO1 in order to get LP Tokens which you can later deposit into the farm.

Once again you will be required to connect your wallet.

Now you can input the DAO1 amount you want to farm with, and the equivalent will show up in USDT, indicating how much you need to deposit.

Once you have set an amount, click “Approve DAO1”, and confirm the transaction inside MetaMask, and then do the same for “Approve USDT”.

Upon approving the amounts, swap the DAO1 and USDT for LP tokens, by clicking “Supply”.

Confirm the transaction once again.

You can then see the LP tokens in your wallet.

Once completed, go back to

Select the appropriate farm to deposit the LP tokens. In this case, the Uniswap farm.

Click “Deposit”, select the amount of tokens you want to deposit, and click “Deposit” again.

A pop up in MetaMask will appear. Confirm to agree to spend your LP tokens. It might take a minute.

Once complete, another window will pop up.

Click “Confirm”, the LP tokens have then been deposited, and farming has commenced!

In the Harvest window we can see how much there is to harvest from the farming.

Click “Harvest” to collect your rewards, and confirm the transaction! Now you will see the harvested DAO1 in your wallet!

For DAO1-USDT SafeSwap LP and YFDAI-WETH Uniswap LP it is exactly the same procedure, but through Safeswap instead of Uniswap, and in the YFDAI-WETH case with different tokens.

For the DAI Vault, you simply can just deposit DAI (Not DAO1) Tokens in order to farm DAO1!

Happy farming!

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