How to buy DAO1 Tokens on QuickSwap Starting June 7, 2021

Dear DAO1 Community, we are proud to finally list our token on Uniswap, Safeswap, and Quickswap on Monday, June 7th. We have produced three guides for people who might not know how to use Decentralized Exchanges.

This guide will be the third of three, namely, how to buy DAO1 tokens on Quickswap.

Beware, that DAO1 tokens as of yet are not buyable, as we will have to wait till Monday, June 7th. That’s why the DAO1 balance shown in the example is 0.


1. Hardware: A Smartphone or a Laptop with Internet Access.

2. Access to USDT and Ethereum, for example on a Centralized Exchange such as Binance.

(We find that the easiest way to get USDT and Ethereum is through Binance, where one can deposit money through a credit/debit card/bank account and buy USDT (pegged to the USD) and Ethereum almost instantly)

We will be buying DAO1 with USDT on Quickswap, but we will also need a little Ethereum (ETH) (around 0,005) for transaction fees as well, depending on the ETH networks congestion.

Relevant links and contracts:



Matic Official Source about Custom RPC:

Matic Web Wallet:


DAO1 Contract Address (Matic): 0x3c5D1617C30BA71972adD4b0C9A6B9848f2afeeD

First, we need to setup a MetaMask Wallet:

Step 1: Get MetaMask Wallet either as a browser extension on your laptop (we prefer the browser Brave), or download it as an app to your smartphone at:

Set it up and write the seed phrase down on a piece of paper for recovery if you lose your device.

Step 2: Copy the MetaMask Address of your MetaMask Wallet

Step 3: Send USDT via the ERC20 Network to the address from your wallet on an exchange such as Binance, or wherever you hold USDT and ETH.

Also, remember to send a little extra ETH to the same address to cover fees (around 0.005–0.01 ETH).

If you have USDT/ETH on Binance, go to Wallet, then click Withdraw, and search for USDT. Then click withdraw, paste the MetaMask Wallet Address, and select ERC20 Network, and confirm the Withdrawal.

Then do the same for withdrawing ETH.

This image shows MetaMask Wallet on Brave Browser, where one can hold the cursor and copy the MetaMask address to where one is sending USDT and ETH via the ERC20 network.

This image shows the Withdrawal Process from Binance, where one pastes the MetaMask address in the Address field, selects the ERC20 Network, and finally chooses the amount of USDT/ETH one wants to send. It will take between 5–15 minutes to send the USDT and ETH.

Once we have both the USDT and Ethereum on our MetaMask wallet, we can proceed to buy DAO1 tokens on Quickswap.

As Quickswap is on Matic, we will need to migrate our USDT to the Matic Mainnet from Ethereum Mainnet.

Step 4: Click “Ethereum Mainnet” inside the MetaMask Extension, then a pop-up will come, with several different options.

Click “Add Custom RPC Network”.

Step 5: Copy-Paste the relevant details from Matics official own source into the relevant fields and click save. Now you are connected to Matic Mainnet.


Step 6: Go back to Ethereum Mainnet inside the Metamask Wallet.

Step 7: Go to the Matic Web Wallet Website ( ), click “Metamask” under the login, then a pop up in the Metamask Browser Extension will come, select your wallet, click “next”, “connect”, then “sign”.

Then you will be redirected to your personal Matic Wallet and can migrate your USDT from the Ethereum Mainnet onto Matic Mainnet.

Step 8: Click “Move Funds to Matic Mainnet”. Select the USDT token and the amount you plan to send to Matic Mainnet to trade in for DAO1.

Step 9: Click “Transfer”, “Continue”, and “Continue” again, and finally you will get a pop up in MetaMask Extension, click then “Confirm”.

That will migrate the USDT to Matic Mainnet. It usually takes around 10 minutes. Wait 10 minutes, then click confirm again in the Matic Web Wallet if it asks you to do so, and then go back to MetaMask, and select Matic Mainnet.

Step 10: Go to Quickswap ( ), click “connect wallet”, a pop up will come from the MetaMask Extension, click “Connect”.

Step 11: Select USDT in “From”. Copy-paste the token contract address into “to”, DAO1 will pop up, click “Add”.

DAO1 Contract Address (Matic): 0x3c5D1617C30BA71972adD4b0C9A6B9848f2afeeD

Step 12: Put in the desired amount in USDT, and it will display the amount in DAO1 that you will get. Click “Approve USDT”, a MetaMask pop-up will come.

Click “Confirm” in the MetaMask Extension Pop-up.

Then click “Swap” in the Quickswap UI, then “Confirm”.

Another MetaMask pop-up will come: Click “Confirm” to facilitate the transaction.

Step 13: After that, go back to your MetaMask wallet while connected to Matic Mainnet.

Step 14: Click “Add Token” and paste the Matic contract address for DAO1.

Now you will see your DAO1 tokens 😊

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