The First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon is a wrap!

5 min readJul 9, 2021


All you need to know before we announce the winners

DAO1 is going the extra mile for building a sustainable decentralized ecosystem with Hackathons as these are an essential part of this vision.

This challenging three days long event involves gathering startups, founders, developers, and judges under one virtual roof in order to help transform an idea into a pitch, or even a Minimum Viable Product [MVP]. Despite multiple hurdles such as varying time zones and cultures, everything was in sync towards a common effort to help advance the industry which we are part of.

We believe that the next big projects in blockchain, crypto, DeFi, fintech and NFT are omnipresent today, in which DAO1’s Hackathons are facilitators and catalysts for the best ideas coming to fruition. The Hackathon efforts were supported by expert judges with vast practical experience in their respective fields.

The grit in these Hackathons is important in transforming an idea into something close to tangible. Million-dollar ideas are common today, yet only a small percentage of people are ready to take the plunge and make it work.

Amusing as it was, a particularly daring project was pitched to the judges without having a name yet. We believe that if it wins one of the top three spots it may be incubated, and the branding will be a breeze for the experts who will offer help during the incubation. This incubation program will help start-ups develop their MVP unless they already have one, in which case they will guide them to a fully fledged product. Start-ups receive funding, coaching and mentoring apart from being launched.

DAO1 holders can benefit from airdrops, becoming early backers and also purchase products and services at a discount. In this way a lot of economic value is created in the ecosystem which in turn will reflect in the growth of the project and demand of DAO1 tokens.

Some Interesting Hackathon Stories Just to keep everyone in the loop:

Game-changing food delivery system.

Loh Kwan Seng, one of the participants in the 1st DAO1 International Hackathon — is a proud owner of a classical food business based in Malaysia. Unfortunately, Covid-19 took a toll on the business and it was forced to shut down during the pandemic year 2020. After being fed up with the current food delivery system, Seng approached the DAO1 Hackathon with his idea to fund an ‘ERC-20’ based food delivery application initially primarily focusing on the South Asian Market. Seng posed the problem of the current food delivery solutions which take a very large chunk (30%) from the restaurants’ revenue. Seng wants to do things differently, and find a solution which will benefit both the consumers and restaurants alike. In order to solve this problem, Seng took this opportunity to demonstrate his innovative ideas at the 1st DAO1 International Hackathon, to finally revolutionize the tech aspect of the food delivery system.

When tech, design, and furniture converge.

aRchiHype Origins, a design, tech, furniture supply chain startup which participated in the DAO1 International Hackathon First Edition.

aRchiHype Origins is an early-stage family business led by Sorina Uleia and her husband Andrei — They believe their company has a transformative way to digitally track supply chain activities which can improve collaboration across the different actors. aRchiHype aims to strengthen and expands the possibilities of the Home Decor market by incorporating the supply chain into the existing infrastructure of the Home Decor Market.

They propose to create Digital Product Passports for Home Decor in order to reshape existing business models. They have two kids at home and another one on the way and are truly dedicated to making their dream come true. They are seeking the right ecosystem to fund their project and further develop their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) before a full-fledged launch.

More exciting startup stories upcoming In our Next Release Stay Tuned!

Listed below are interviews & speaking slots from the judges and invited experts who supported the hackathon.

Adrian Niculescu

Head of Partnerships, who is also in charge of the DAO1 hackathons and incubator program. Conducted the opening speech at the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon Watch Here

Nils Tharantd Ortiz

Speaker at the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon.
Spoke about early-stage startups Watch Here

Nils, CEO of Paypolitan is an entrepreneur, lawyer by education, holding 2 legal masters from the University of Paris Seine and a specialization in human rights from René Cassin Institute, Strasbourg.

Noble A. DraKoln

Speaker at the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon.Spoke about financing for early-stage startups Watch Here

Noble A. DraKoln is the co-founders of the successful NFT Music Startup, A company that merges NFTs with music royalties. He has been involved in multiple tech startups as a consultant, investor and director.

Richard M. Holmes

Speaker at the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon.

Spoke about creating the initial processes and a team for early-stage startups Watch Here

Richard is the CEO of Lolly, the personal, location-based and real-time marketing platform for local and global brands.

He ventured as a founder, director, and investor in e-commerce, social media, gaming, crypto, software development, and video games for the past 25 years.

Leo Georgievic

Chief Strategist for DAO1

Speaker at the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon — 1st of July, 2021. Learn more about DAO1, the vision, mission, and what we want to achieve through the hackathons and incubation projects Watch Here

Paolo Petrolini

Speaker at the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon.

Spoke on how to build a successful product starting as a startup at the early stage Watch Here

Paolo is an entrepreneur and product advisor with over 15 years of hands-on experience in product management and operations excellence.

He is also a trusted Advisor to startups and enterprises alike, providing them with hands-on support in setting the right product strategy and operations excellence framework to fit their business growth expectations.