The winners of the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon.

3 min readJul 21, 2021


The First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon has created the foundation for two of the most important features of DAO1, the regular Hackathons, and Incubation programs.

With the Hackathons, we aim to create a new edition every quarter, allowing founders, teams, developers, and entrepreneurs to come up with their early-stage ideas and compete with each other by demonstrating their skills, creating pitch decks, and even initial stage products or services.

The Hackathons are very interesting and diverse pipelines of new ideas which have the chance to shine in the market. We have expert speakers, judges, and panelists that interact with the participants to support them all the way to the end. Every hackathon is shortly followed by an Incubator program where things start to get real. Both the winners of the Hackathons and the other startups that can apply to be incubated are taken through an 8-week process to create and deploy their MVP (minimum viable product) version of their product or service. It is important to mention that the DAO1 community will vote using the governance feature.

During the Incubation, the projects’ teams are funded, coached, and guided by our industry experts and invited speakers who are SMEs (subject matter experts) in their respective professions & fields. Later, after the incubation programs are concluded, the graduated startups can then be launched. This ensures DAO1 holders become early backers and benefit from their token airdrops & discounted products, and services where applicable.

The aim of the Hackathons, and Incubation programs is to give birth to a new generation of startups in the blockchain, crypto, fintech, NFT, and other tech verticals. DAO1 values inclusion more than anything else so there are no assumptions made based on country of residence, political views, gender, age, race, or color. Creativity, perseverance, grit, and discipline are among the most important things which will make the difference between the projects.

DAO1 holders will also benefit from so-called underwritings, meaning every token holder is eligible to participate in the fundraising platform which is another feature to be implemented after hackathons, and incubation. In cryptocurrency, underwritings stand for the right of preference. In this case, it translates to DAO1 holders being able to engage directly in the value appreciation of launched incubation projects.

Drums, please! The winners of the First Edition of DAO1 International Hackathon are:

#1 Place — ERC 20 based Food Delivery App from Malaysia.

Click here for the startup video pitch —

Being an early-stage idea, it doesn’t have a name yet, the branding elements will be defined during the First DAO1 Incubator starting on the 2nd of August. The startup aims to cover initially the South-East of Asia with a mission to help restaurants create more revenue while also enhancing the experience for the clients, and the value they get for their food budget.

#2 Place — aRchiHype Origins from Romania.

Click here for the startup video pitch —

It is a blockchain-based design-tech project aiming at improving the home decor of the supply chain working already of their MVP, seeking investors for their seed round.

#3 Place — WyzeTracker from South Africa.

Click here for the startup video pitch

It is a startup in the. DApp enables real-time tracking of ROI for all your assets on the blockchain with visual dashboards.

Congratulations to the winners of the First Edition of the DAO1 International Blockchain Hackathon. Please follow DAO1 social media channels for updates on the next hackathons, and the first incubation program!